Renovations in the kitchen are sure to put a dent into your wallet. New kitchen cabinets are one option, but why buy new when you can get them at a discount. Kitchen cabinets are sometimes made in mass production and minor defects are bound to happen. This is what you are totally looking for, because for a fraction of the retail price, you can get the same quality and look for a reasonable price that won’t break your remodeling budget. Read more »

We all know going custom can cost a pretty penny. At first sight you will know that the details are just impeccable. We’ve traveled world wide and seen many luxuriouos cabinets that make your jaw drop. When choosing a luxury cabinet manufacturer, think of one of the following.

While European-Style Kitchen Cabinets have continued to grow in popularity, there are still a limited number of suppliers in the US and they are not cheap. Read more »

Cabinets usually devour the bulk of a budget during a kitchen remodel. Because they are a major investment (and one that’s not likely to be made again anytime soon), you’ll need to sort through the available options and make choices with confidence. Here’s how:

Freshen Up
If existing cabinets are of good quality, are in excellent working condition and the layout functions well, the most affordable option is to freshen them up by re-staining or painting. Another alternative, refacing, involves installing a new veneer on the exterior of the cabinet box and replacing the doors and drawer fronts, and should be handled by a professional. Read more »

If you are considering new cabinets, be sure to educate yourself about wood species. Durability, cost, and overall appearance are greatly influenced by your final decision. It takes several hundred board feet of solid wood to construct the average kitchen, which can be a tremendous investment. Read more »

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