As weird as it may seem, making a decision as to which kitchen faucet to buy can be one of the toughest decisions you have to make when you renovate. Kitchen and bathroom faucets come in all shapes and sizes and it can be quite daunting when looking at all of the options available. Kitchen faucet are usually used more than any other fixture in your house. So choosing the right one can improve your everyday life.

You have so many things that you have to think about: Do you want stainless steel? Or, maybe chrome? Oil-rubbed bronze is nice, too. Do you want a one-handle faucet, or maybe a two handle? Should you get a soap dispenser? It’s worse than deciding what to eat for dinner tonight! And, factoring in the cost is enough to drive any sane person crazy.

The finish of your faucet adds a crucial dimension to your kitchen and bathroom d├ęcor. You can choose to have your faucet finished in bronze, brass, gold and even brushed nickel. For example, an oil rubbed bronze faucet can add elegance and style to any kitchen or bathroom.

One thing to think about when it comes to deciding about a single versus double handle is how big your sink is. You would be better off in a small sink with a single handle. There are three particular styles of faucets that you will need to consider. The faucet includes the hot and cold handles as well as the spout. You can either have a faucet that is widespread, single lever or center-set. A widespread faucet has independent handles that are roughly 8” from the faucet. The connecting pipes are hidden under the countertop. A single lever faucet is, as the name implies, controlled by one handle at the base of the faucet. You turn the lever left for hot water, right for cold water and up and down to control the water pressure. Center-set faucets are compact faucets which combine the spout and handles in one design. They are a good choice if you are lacking space.

You can also buy a faucet that has a side attachment, which will help clean your pans. It’s a nice extra to have, as it is really hard to clean pots with ground-in dirt. Hopefully, this attachment will fit into the decor of your kitchen.

You also want to make sure that the faucet you choose is in the right proportion to the size of your sink. A tiny handle with a large sink, and vice-versa, will not be flattering to the overall design of the kitchen.

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